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Submitted on: Oct 11, 2016 at 05:46 PM

JINX Guild Application

Please post your BattleTag. This will aid us considerably in following up on your application. If you feel comfortable, you can also provide an email by which we can contact you:


Please post a link to the World of Warcraft Armory for the character you are applying with:
Race and Class
Blood Elf Demon Hunter
Primary Role

Melee DPS

Please tell us a bit about yourself: Age, Occupation, Interests, etc.

I'm 25 years old, and work as a web developer and ad operations manager at Interests include investing/trading stocks and forex, fitness, and video games of course!

Would you like to reference a member of the team to vouch for your ability? If you have spoken to an Officer about applying, feel free to include that information as well:

I'm a friend and co-worker of Derek (Mjollnir).

Please explain how our raid schedule fits into your life? Do you foresee any reason you might occasionally or frequently miss raid nights?

I have a pretty low-stress job and lifestyle, no dependents other than an awesome cat, and am generally a night owl. Missing raid nights shouldn't happen barring unforeseen emergencies.

Please list your raid experience in the most current tier of content (do not include LFR):

Right now just mythic+ and LFR (I know that doesn't count). I just got back into WoW after a hiatus during WoD, but I have played this game on and off for close to a decade (since early TBC). I'm extremely familiar with the game and general mechanics, and have broad experience in both PvE and PvP.

Please describe the circumstances that lead you to searching for a new Guild:

After coming back to the game recently, I got into JINX thanks to Mjollnir :)

Please explain the way you learned about the JINX Guild. Why does our group feel like a good fit for you?

I've known about JINX since I was a kid (pretty sure I still have a sticker of the skull logo on my bed at my parents' house haha), and I have the connection through Mjollnir, who is a good friend and coworker.

Please copy this URL to view our most recent combat logs: -- How confident do you feel competing in our environment?

With Demon Hunter single target damage being pretty weak at the moment, I certainly won't be pulling fire mage level DPS, but I know my rotation well, review logs to improve performance, and am generally a decent player. I believe I would be able to at least pull my weight in normal and probably heroic as well. Ultimately, practice makes perfect.

Please post your /played statistic for the Character you are applying with:

Around 8 days. Previous mains have included arms warrior (39 days played), frost mage (36 days played), frost DK (28 days played), and ww monk (15 days played).

Please link your results from


Hey Broscientist, you are already in guild so no need for a guild invite but we can set you for trial for next Tuesday. If you are comfortable with the Cenarius and Xavius fight on Heroic, we can certainly put you in this raid week.

Be sure to work with MJ on all of the necessary addons needed for the raid team roster, epgp dkp reloaded, epgp loot master, DBM yadda yadda...

Any questions, please feel free to send me a message in game/discord/forums.

Hey Trucks, thanks for giving me a trial opportunity! Regarding heroic this week, I think I will pass because I am not familiar with the fights enough yet and would rather run a few more LFRs and watch some videos. I'll definitely be ready for next week though.

I'll make sure to get everything I need setup with MJ for sure.

Thanks again!


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