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Status: OPEN
Submitted on: Dec 16, 2016 at 11:50 PM

JINX Guild Application

Please post your BattleTag. This will aid us considerably in following up on your application. If you feel comfortable, you can also provide an email by which we can contact you:


Please post a link to the World of Warcraft Armory for the character you are applying with:
Race and Class
Troll Rogue
Primary Role

Melee DPS

Please tell us a bit about yourself: Age, Occupation, Interests, etc.

US ARMY Veteran, CSA Cigna, really want to get back into raiding.

Would you like to reference a member of the team to vouch for your ability? If you have spoken to an Officer about applying, feel free to include that information as well:


Please explain how our raid schedule fits into your life? Do you foresee any reason you might occasionally or frequently miss raid nights?

I live in California, my current work schedule doesnt work with my current guilds raid schedule. I get off work at 7:30, and from what I understand you guys raid later and on west coast time.

Please list your raid experience in the most current tier of content (do not include LFR):

Not much raiding exp this expansion due to schedule conflict, LFR.

I was top DPS for Legacy of Pain during BC.
Top DPS for Shroud of Ascension during WOTLK.
Top DPS for Benevolence for WOD.
(Always Assassination rogue)

Please describe the circumstances that lead you to searching for a new Guild:

Schedule conflict

Please explain the way you learned about the JINX Guild. Why does our group feel like a good fit for you?

I remember you guys from WoD, noticed JINX was a pretty high lvl raiding guild.

Please copy this URL to view our most recent combat logs: -- How confident do you feel competing in our environment?

feel pretty confident, I've always been a solid raider

Please post your /played statistic for the Character you are applying with:

177 days 31 mins

Please link your results from

26ms, 11.26mbps, .97upload

Please post a picture of your UI:

ive always raided with the basic UI and minimal addons, DBM Recount



Hey Falkin!

Can you message Volarius in-game when you see me?
yo...i just seen this...ill message when i see you on. thanks for the reply

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